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Messages from Mom

My mother passed into spirit in May of last year. I was lucky enough to be able to give her Reiki before and while she was passing. I asked my mother if she would come back and help me heal people during my sessions. I told her that when I do Reiki I can hear her and that I would be looking for her to connect with me.

I have to admit that when mom first crossed over I was sad that I couldn't hear her in spirit right away. I mean, this is what I do! I connect to spirit and bring messages of healing from loved ones. So where are you mom?? I would spend hours just pleading with her to show up. Give me a sign! One day I was in deep mourning for my mom while we were vacationing with friends at a Lake in NC. I was so sad that I couldn't leave the room we were staying in. I spent all day on a daybed crying and speaking to mom. All day I prayed and said mom... please send me a prominent red cardinal. All day I looked to the trees and saw nothing. No cardinals. Not one.

The next day I said OK, I am on vacation. I will not stay inside and mope anymore. I need to get out and do something. I left the confines of our room and grabbed a cup of coffee. The house we rented had a huge screened in porch area that overlooked the lake. I took my coffee outside and sat sipping it. My friend came out to join me. She sat across from me and said ...oh I wanted to tell you. Yesterday all day Andrew (her husband) and I kept seeing this very prominent red cardinal. It followed us all day. She said Andrew said... that has to be for Noel. My heart leaped! I started to cry and told my friend how all yesterday I was asking for cardinals. Mom heard me. But in true Noel style had I seen the cardinal in my despair I would have said "not good enough." I would have said "yes but make one land on my finger!". You see, mom sent the message all day. She knew it would hold much more weight to be delivered to me through my friends. The fact that this cardinal followed them all day long and they had the thought that it was specifically for me. Meant the world. You see, that is how spirit communicates. My mom sends me cardinals all the time. It makes me happy to see them. I always follow it with a "Hi Mom!".

On my birthday I said to mom, you know it would be really great if you sent me a cardinal today. Not two seconds later a beautiful cardinal landed in the tree I was looking at. Another cardinal from mom, just when I needed it. I am happy to report that mom comes through all the time now. I had to remember that just as I am learning what I can do with my gift to communicate so is mom learning how to communicate with me. She now shows up in my Reiki sessions and helps to bring loved ones in to communicate with their loved ones who are still here in the physical. If you have lost a loved one. Please know, you can communicate with them and they will hear you. They want you to speak with them. Don't be shy about asking for specific signs. They will respond just might not be in the way you expect them to. That is how spirit works.

Love and Light

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